Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar: Your Partner for Wanaka Catering, No Matter the Function

Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar: Your Partner for Wanaka Catering, No Matter the Function2019-03-04T02:00:47+00:00

Are you seeking a restaurant that can provide quality Wanaka catering?

If so, look no further than Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar. Whether you are looking for wedding catering in Wanaka, birthday catering, anniversary catering, business function catering or any other type of catering, we can help. With an extensive menu full of accessible favourites, we can make sure everyone at your event feels satisfied, well-fed and want to praise the food.

The Importance of Quality Wanaka Catering

Hungry guests are unhappy guests, no matter the function. With good food on the table—and plenty of it—your guests will be happier and merrier. Here are a few reasons why the catering is such an important part of the equation for any wedding, corporate party, fundraising event or other function:

  • Good food will keep guests around for longer: When it comes to a catered event, the food on the menu is the only game in town. Guests who don’t enjoy the food—or can’t eat it, according to their diet—can either stick around feeling hungry or leave early. A well-catered party will go on for longer and be more fun for everyone involved.
  • Your caterer will help you put together a versatile menu: Speaking of menu restrictions, you need to plan for them. A good Wanaka function catering company will help you put together a dynamic menu with something for everyone.
  • Aesthetics and presentation matter: Especially for a wedding, aesthetics and tone are important. You want your photos to reflect the look or theme you were going for, and you want your guests to feel those qualities as well. Food, with professional and artistic presentation, can help add to the spell you are casting rather than causing it to break.

What You Can Expect from Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar Regarding Your Party Catering in Wanaka

When you choose Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar for your party catering in Wanaka, you can expect a superb service at every juncture. From menu planning to food preparation and service, we will work to make your event special and unforgettable for everyone in attendance. Here a few of the things you can expect from choosing us to cater your next event:

  • Plentiful menu options: Our restaurant menu is perfect for event catering, thanks to its length and versatility. We have a wide variety of starters, mains, burgers, pizzas, salads and desserts to choose from. We even have a vegan section on our menu, to appease the folks on your guest list with more unique dietary restrictions. Working with us, you will have no problem putting together a menu that pleases everyone.
  • Catering packages tailored to suit your needs: Maybe the hardest thing about comparing catering companies in Wanaka is finding the one that meets the specific needs of your event. It goes without saying that you need a catering company with the bandwidth to suit the size of your guest list. However, it’s also important to think about the type of event you want to have. Some caterers do fancy wedding dinners very well, but are less suited to the more casual finger foods of birthday parties or other less formal events. At Jack Rabbit Restaurant, we can tailor our offerings to suit any type of event, of any size.
  • The option to use our facility: If you need a venue for your event, as well as food, why not consider our restaurant? With capacity for more than 200 people—130 inside and 80 outside—as well as a kids’ outdoor play area, we have the perfect spot for your birthday party, anniversary celebration or corporate Christmas party.

What You Stand to Lose If You Don’t Use Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar

If you are looking for wedding or birthday catering in Wanaka, you can trust Jack Rabbit Restaurant & Bar to deliver the superior results you deserve. As a full-service restaurant that does catering on the side, we have an innate sense for how to satisfy diners of all ages and tastes. Our menu—a mix of casual favourites and foodie specials—is ideal for catered functions because we offer something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the unique catering experience we offer. Instead, call today to learn more about our catering menu.