Jack Rabbit Offers Catering Options for a Spit Roast in Wanaka

Jack Rabbit Offers Catering Options for a Spit Roast in Wanaka2019-03-04T01:57:58+00:00

Do you want to include a spit roast in Wanaka for your next party?
Jack Rabbit is here to assist in your catering needs. We offer a selection of scrumptious food that will have your guests asking for more and take the party planning pressure off you.

Benefits of Spit Roast Catering in Wanaka

Some great benefits of using our hog roast catering company in Wanaka include:

  • Saves you time: When you are busy planning an event, the last thing that you want to do is be bogged down by cooking for the party. When you use our catering service, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your food will be at your location on time for everyone to enjoy.
  • Impress your guest: When the party is over, the main thing that guests tend to talk about is the food. If the food is anything less than incredible, the party may not be as impactful as you had desired. Our roasts are sure to wow your partygoers with our unique flavour combinations.
  • Less clean-up stress: After your party, you will undoubtedly have a substantial clean-up on your hands. When you use our service, we remove the component of clearing up after cooking a tremendous amount of food. Don’t worry about cleaning the cookware. We have you covered!

What You Can Expect from Jack Rabbit Regarding Pig on Spit Catering in Wanaka

You can always expect the following when you hire us for spit roast catering in Wanaka:

  • Exceptional service: We pride ourselves on being friendly and accommodating. Our team is here to walk you through the process of preparing your order and making sure that we have all the details we need to deliver outstanding cuisine on the day of your event. Is there something in particular that you would like? We do our best to accommodate all your needs!
  • On time arrival: Our team understands that it is vital to be on time with your catering order on the day of your event. We dedicate ourselves to being on time every time for every event. We plan all the details your celebration to ensure your guests never go hungry.
  • Mouth-watering food: Our company is home to incredible chefs who create fantastic food options. When you collaborate with us for your catering, you can count on outstanding food that will satisfy every guest.

About Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is an established name in the restaurant industry. We commit ourselves to offer you quality food with remarkable service. We aim to alleviate the anxiety often associated with planning a party by providing exceptional cuisine.

For more information about our catering options or to book your next event, please call us on 64 3 443 7125 or click over to our contact page and send us an enquiry. We look forward to helping you put together a party to remember.