Looking for Places to Eat in Wanaka? Check Out Jack Rabbit

Looking for Places to Eat in Wanaka? Check Out Jack Rabbit2019-03-04T01:21:00+00:00

Jack Rabbit is one of the top places to eat in Wanaka.

With beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and plenty of seating, Jack Rabbit is the ideal place to stop in for some memorable food and drinks. From starters and snacks to main meals, salads, and desserts, we have a wide selection of food that will cater to everyone in your group, including children and those with dietary restrictions.

What You Can Expect from Jack Rabbit in Wanaka and Our Food

Delight yourself in a relaxing environment and eat from our mouth-watering menu while you let the stresses of the day ease away. Here are a few perks we offer.

  • Dietary Alternatives: We cater to a variety of dietary restrictions with our gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and low-calorie choices. We also have low-carb dishes and fresh and healthy produce from local growers. For our meat-loving customers, we have a range of tasty options including pork belly, BBQ ribs, steak, and our famous Mississippi Meat Sweats deep dish pizza.
  • Children’s Menu: You will dine happily as your children choose a tasty meal from a selection of kid-friendly dishes off their own menu. These options include our classic Mac and Cheese, pizza, burgers, and many other options that we guarantee will satisfy little tummies. Our soft serve machine is an after-dinner treat: your child can create his or her own signature dessert.
  • Variety of Options: There is no need to worry about catering to different tastes in your group with our wide variety of food choices. Our starter menu will take the edge off your hunger while you wait for your main. We have main meat dishes, burgers, pizzas, and salads available before you top off the meal with a delicious dessert.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Places to Eat in Wanaka

We are a dining hotspot like no other. Situated just outside of Wanaka, Jack Rabbit is worth the trip and makes an ideal place to visit on your adventures for a few reasons.

  • Location: Our venue is perfectly situated within beautiful surroundings with idyllic views of the mountains. You can enjoy the calm and relaxing environment in our spacious indoor seating or take advantage of an outdoor area that is filled with greenery.
  • Child-Friendly: You will find our venue child-friendly with activities to keep the kids entertained so they enjoy the eating out experience as much as you do. We have an outdoor playground that is fully fenced, and our deck lets you keep an eye on your kids while you eat. As an alternative, we provide activity packs for your children to enjoy at the table.
  • Host Functions: We have space available to host functions in our back room or well-known “The Rabbit Hole” bar. You get to enjoy the company of good friends while eating our delicious food.

Our menu and atmosphere will make eating out an experience that you will savour.

Why Trust Jack Rabbit in Wanaka with Your Food

We use locally-grown and regionally-sourced ingredients to compile a tasty array of food for you to enjoy. We welcome small and large groups, and our efficient and friendly staff will make your dining encounter with us enjoyable, fun, and relaxing. Contact us today to book your table.