Get Delicious Pizza in Wanaka

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Jack Rabbit pizza in Wanaka is a perfect way to end your local adventures.

To finish off your southern adventures exploring the mountains or local hotspots, stop in at Jack Rabbit and satisfy your hunger with one of our delicious pizzas. From our classic Cheesy Rabbit to our gourmet Jack’s Smoked Salmon, we can offer a pizza that will make the whole family happy. You will also find that our pizzas pair beautifully with a wide selection of local drinks on offer.

Benefits of Dining at Jack Rabbit

We have spacious indoor and outdoor dining at our venue for year-round service. The benefits of our venue include the following.

  • Location: Our beautiful surroundings provide the perfect setting in which to relax and enjoy a meal. The stunning views of our local hills and mountains will provide you with the perfect scenery for your outdoor dining experience. Alternatively, our large indoor seating area means there is space for you to eat in comfort without feeling too close to other customers.
  • Child-Friendly: We welcome families with children and provide free entertainment to keep your young ones occupied while you eat. Our outdoor playground is fully fenced, and you will be able to easily keep an eye on your children playing happily from our outdoor deck. We supply fun activity packs as another entertainment option and let your kids create their own dessert with our special soft serve machine.
  • Quality Service: Our hospitable staff will be sure to make your dining experience relaxing and enjoyable. Our top chefs will create mouth-watering dishes delivered to you by our friendly wait-staff.

The Delights You’ll Find in Our Takeaway Pizza in Wanaka

Staying in tonight? Our selection of pizzas will be the perfect treat for a night at home with a few signature features.

  • Pizza Bases: Our bases are made in-house and served fresh as either a deep dish or thin crust pizza. We also offer gluten-free base options for your chosen selection of toppings, including our beloved Flying Chicken Pizza. This pizza will satisfy your craving with a combination of basil pesto, shredded roast chicken, spinach, bacon, onion jam, mozzarella cheese, and cashew nut cream.
  • Vegan Options: Our range of pizzas include vegan choices such as our Vegan Margarita pizza and Rabbit pizza as well as vegetarian pizza options. You can accompany these with your choice of fries, sweet potato fries, or a salad for an enjoyable meal.
  • Ingredients: We use quality ingredients that are locally sourced. We are proud of our New Zealand landscape and love supporting local farmers and growers.

Why You Should Trust Us to Make Your Next Pizza in Wanaka

There will be enough delicious pizza from our Wanaka chefs to go around with our large share sizes. With our 3ft and New York Style 20” options, you can trust us to cater to the whole crew and ensure that no one goes hungry. Our quality ingredients make these pizzas popular with people from all over the world. Contact us today to make a reservation or stop in while you are out and about.