Buffet Style Catering in Wanaka Offers Options

Buffet Style Catering in Wanaka Offers Options2019-03-04T00:49:25+00:00

Host your next event with buffet style catering in Wanaka.

Jack Rabbit Restaurant and Bar offers buffet catering for your event to make your party a success. We locally source our food and beverages providing you with a unique experience set against beautiful mountain scenery. Our buffet options are limited only to your imagination and dietary requirements. Having your event catered buffet style offers your guests the ability to move about and mingle more rather than stuck in their chair waiting to be served.

What Sets Jack Rabbit Apart Regarding Buffet Style Catering in Wanaka?

Jack Rabbit Restaurant and Bar offers buffet catering for your event that enables guests to mingle and interact ensuring everyone has a great time, and your occasion is a success.

  • We acquire most of our food locally to offer you fresh foods from reliable sources. Our acquisitions help maintain the local economy and expand our menu options for buffet catering.
  • Our buffet catering options offer you the ability to cater to those in your group with dietary restrictions. Including a vegetable-only option will make all your guests feel special.
  • Our buffet option gets guests up and moving around to socialise and interact promoting a successful event. Our buffet is available for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and any party you have planned.

Problems Buffet Catering in Wanaka Addresses

Finding good quality food for your guests doesn’t have to cause stress or break the bank.

  • Buffets eliminate the wait associated with plated meals that take time to create and distribute to your guests. Your guests will have access to the food throughout the event, and their movements invite socialising as people move from table to buffet line to table.
  • When feeding a large group of people, there are always dietary restrictions involved. Buffets offer everyone something they can enjoy and consume keeping everyone happier. Incorporating dietary restrictions is much simpler with a buffet because of the number of choices you can provide your guests.
  • Buffets are budget-friendly options to feed many people. Individual plates require time to look perfect and can be more expensive than buffet offerings.

Why Buffet Style Catering in Wanaka is Cost Effective

As stated above buffets are budget-friendly and serve a more extensive variety of food and feeds large groups of people. A buffet allows people to eat their fill and leave satiated rather than serving smaller more expensive plates that sometimes don’t fill bellies. Buffet offerings are less costly to prepare and can be detailed to your preferences.

Don’t let seat assignments dictate your party and let your guests move around to speak with whomever they choose. Host your next event with a buffet to get your guests out of their chairs and interacting with each other more. Enjoy cost savings and a more comprehensive selection of entrees to serve your hungry crowd. Contact us for more information regarding our buffet catering in Wanaka and treat yourself and your guests to more options and fuller bellies.