BBQ Catering in Wanaka Available at Jack Rabbit

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Barbeque catering in Wanaka is a great touch for any event.
Jack Rabbit is here to service all your barbeque delicacies. We make feeding a large number of people a breeze and help you avoid common missteps related to choosing a catering company.

Mistakes People Make with Barbeque Catering in Wanaka

Because hiring a BBQ catering service in Wanaka is not something you do regularly some blunders include:

  • Waiting until the last minute: If you plan to utilise our company to cater your event, it’s important to remember to make the arrangements well in advance. This ensures that we have the availability to tend to your get-together and that there is enough time to make any adjustments should any last-minute changes be necessary.
  • Hiring a company that is inexperienced: A new company with poorly trained staff can completely ruin your party. When you collaborate with our team, you can rest assured that you will receive the best in customer service combined with delicious food.
  • Underestimate the number of guests: A key component of your party is the number of guests attending. A good rule of thumb is to overestimate how many people are going to accept the invitation. Even if you have leftover food, you can take comfort in knowing that there was enough to eat at the party and that everyone went home satisfied.

The last thing we want is for you to experience any additional anxiety surrounding the details of your merriment. Our team makes every effort to ensure the barbeque catering at your event is perfect.

What Sets Jack Rabbit Apart Regarding BBQ Catering in Wanaka

We always strive to set ourselves apart with exceptional barbeques in Wanaka:

  • On time arrival: We know that the food cannot arrive late to your event. We pride ourselves on being at your location on time so that everything is set up and ready to go when your guests begin to arrive.
  • Delicious food: When your guests have gone home, a central theme that they’ll remember about your party is the food. We have an incredible selection of BBQ options that is sure to please and have any guest asking for more.
  • A skilled team of professionals: Our catering service not only provides you with delicious food but professional service. We treat every party as a unique event and strive to meet your specific requirements for the food that you deserve.

What You Stand to Lose if You Miss Out on Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit is a trusted name in the catering industry. We always aim to ensure you have the perfect food for your special day. Our team dedicates themselves to making sure that the edibles are something your guests will remember for a long time.

For more information about our catering service, please call us on 64 3 443 7125 or click over to our contact page and send us a message with the event details. We look forward to helping you plan your next party.